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This document presents evidence gleaned from
• Publicly available Russian and western media sources and
• Telephone intercepts of the Georgian intelligence services, described as credible by Western intelligence agencies and not denied by Russia.
“Our best protection lies not in the arms that we wield, but in the ideas and values that guide our people,” President tells NATO ambassadors.

President Saakashvili laid out a series of bold reforms to reinforce Georgian democracy in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion and partial occupation of the country.
Russia Reinforces Troops in Georgia, Continuing to Defy Ceasefire Agreement on Eve of Visit by EU Leaders to Moscow & Tbilisi.

As European Union leaders today begin a crucial round of shuttle diplomacy to Moscow and Tbilisi, Russian armed forces have reinforced their positions in Georgia. New tanks, armored personnel carriers, and ground troops were introduced over the weekend outside the conflict zones.
Ethnic Cleansing Case Against Russia to Open on Monday, September 8, at the International Court of Justice.

The International Court of Justice will hear arguments on Monday, September 8, in the case Georgia has brought against the Russian Federation for ethnic cleansing and for its support of separatism on Georgian territory. The charges relate to instances of ethnic cleansing beginning in the early 1990s and through recent days.
Since ethnic cleansing by Russia and its proxy forces appears to be continuing, the Government of Georgia has asked the ICJ to consider, in parallel to its original application, an emergency Provisional Measure Request.
World Deplores Russia’s Illegal Attempt to Recognize the “Independence” of Georgia’s Territories of South Ossetia & Abkhazia.

EU, US, European Parliament, NATO, OSCE express unyielding support for Georgia’s territorial integrity; Moscow fails to win backing even from closest allies.
Georgia Terminates Mandate of Peacekeepers in the Abkhazia & S.Ossetia regions, As Parliament Declares Russian Army to Be “Occupying Force”.

Prime Ministerial decree requires immediate withdrawal of Russian troops. Parliament act clears way for introduction of neutral, international peacekeepers.
President Orders Immediate Cease Fire, Says Russian Peacekeepers Acknowledge Having Lost Control Over Separatist Rebels.
“Let’s stop this spiral of violence and resume direct negotiations,” says Saakashvili; offers wide autonomy, unconditional amnesty for separatists.
Georgia Denounces Russian Meddling, Calls for Direct Talks After Violence Leaves Several Dead in S. Ossetia; Urges Broader International Role.

Tbilisi also aims to revive Abkhaz talks after separatists reject German peace plan.
Estonia calls for EU peacekeepers in conflict zones, as US seeks more monitors.
UN Security Council Members & EU Condemn Russian Overflights During Closed-Door Session.

Germany Continues Peace Efforts.
“Such violations of Georgia’s sovereignty are unacceptable,” EU declares, reiterates call for Russia to reverse de facto annexation of Abkhazia & South Ossetia.
Russia’s Brazen Violation of Georgian Airspace condemned. Russia's Role as Peacekeeper in Jeopardy.

NATO: “These actions raise questions about Russia’s role as peacekeeper & facilitator of negotiations”.
Russian military exercises on Georgian border raise further threats.
In an extraordinary admission, Russia today said that its fighter jets intentionally violated Georgian airspace.

Georgia Condemns “Act of Aggression” as Threat to Europe.
Moscow’s unprecedented admission triggers new round of international diplomacy by Tbilisi, which says Russia is trying to redefine the rules of European security.
Moscow’s attempt at de facto annexation through military & legal means violates Georgia’s sovereignty, prompting international condemnation.

Rather than provide security on the ground, as per its United Nations mandate, Russia has become a party to the conflict.